Shop Pay offers you the flexibility to pay everything upfront or to pay in scheduled installments. This enables you to split your payments into four equal biweekly installments with 0% APR, or into monthly installments without any hidden or late fees.

  • Rates range from 0% APR to 36% APR.
  • Payment options through Shop Pay Installments are subject to an eligibility check.
  • The lending partners can be found at
  • Your options will depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required.
  • For state notices to consumers, please visit

What payment methods are accepted for the Installments option?

  • For orders without interest: Both debit and credit cards are accepted.
  • For orders with interest: Payment can only be made using a debit card.

Which countries are eligible for Shop Pay?  

Shop Pay Installments is only available to customers with a United States billing address and phone number.

What happens if I miss a payment in installment? 

While there are no late fees for missed scheduled payments, it's important to note that partial or late payments may impact your credit score or future eligibility for using Shop Pay. For questions regarding a missed payment, contact Affirm support.

How are refunds processed for Shop Pay orders? 

When your refund is processed, there are several factors that may delay or affect your return: 

  • If your refund is less than your total purchase balance, then it might not lower your next payment. Instead, you can expect fewer payments, a smaller final payment, or both.

  • If your refund is more than your purchase balance, then the difference is returned to your original payment method.

  • For orders made with monthly payments, the paid interest isn't refunded. Interest is the cost of borrowing, and isn't refundable.

Regardless of the situation, your balance will be adjusted with the refunded amount, which typically takes about 3-10 business days to process.



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