American Tall's clothing can be worn by the Tall Community, which represents about 1% of the US population. Our mission is to eliminate the fashion industry's oversight by creating clothes specifically for those with tall stature. Since our inception in 2015, we've continuously refined our products and fits to offer the highest quality everyday items, ensuring you no longer have to compromise on fit to get the length you need.

Our journey has led us to develop perfect fits for the Tall Community, featuring specific lengths tailored to different heights for both men and women.

For Men:

  • Semi-Tall: Catering to the shorter end of the Tall Community, suitable for heights between 6' and 6'3'' with an inseam of 34''.
  • Tall: Designed for the average height within the Tall Community, fitting those who are 6'3'' to 6'7'' tall with an inseam of 36''.
  • Extra Tall: For the tallest individuals, ranging from 6'7'' to 7'1'' in height with inseam options of 38'' to 40''.

For Women:

  • Tall: Our starting length for tall women, suitable for those between 5'9'' and 6'1'' in height, with inseam lengths generally between 33'' and 36''.
  • Extra Tall: For the tallest women, fitting those between 6'2'' and 6'6'' in height with inseams of 36'' and longer.
  • Width measurements align closely with mainstream sizing to ensure a comfortable fit.

The sizes and heights outlined above are suggestions, as everyone's body is unique. For instance, a man who is 6'6" with a long torso might find that our Extra Tall sizes offer a better fit for shirts than our Tall sizes. Therefore, we strongly recommend checking the size chart of each item before making your selection to ensure the best fit for your body type.

Understanding that height is not the only factor, we recognize body diversity within the Tall Community. Our range includes options for shorter individuals with long limbs and those taller than our maximum height with proportionally shorter limbs. Our comprehensive size range, from Small to 2 Extra Large, ensures a tailored fit.

For any questions about our fits or for size recommendations, our fit experts are eager to assist. 



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